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Youtube ASMR

ASMR is a response to certain images or sounds that is characterized by a tingling sensation at the top of the head or back of the neck. Common triggers for ASMR include watching someone else perform manual tasks or hearing whispering, scratching, or tapping noises.

How Does ASMR Work?

“ASMR triggers are everywhere; everyone has the potential to experience ASMR. Experiment with different stimuli, situations and activities to find the triggers right for you.”

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In this particular case, ASMR produces a pleasurable tingling or shivering that starts in the head and travels along the spine, and may last for several minutes. Some people experience it and find it pleasing, while others may experience it and find it more distracting than relaxing.

Researchers have found that certain people with certain personality traits might be more likely to experience ASMR. For example, people who are more creative, curious, or easily excitable might experience ASMR more often than those who aren’t. People who experience ASMR also tend to be more mindful, or aware of themselves and the present moment.

Psychological factors, for example, the desire to feel loved and cared for, may explain why some people find ASMR videos particularly pleasing. A close, personal attention being offered to the viewer may explain the widespread popularity of these types of videos.

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