The Unintentional Media Company is, as the name suggests, a media company started completely by accident. What began as a small, niche, soccer-centric satire website in 2015, eventually became The Burrard Street Journal, a Vancouver-based, Canadian satire site. During the 2016 US election we went viral and were inadvertently picked up by the NY Times, BBC, Daily Mail, and many other local publications. The BSJ now has over 47,000 followers on Facebook. 

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In 2018 during a particularly rough battle with insomnia, a second website,, was born to help promote sleep and relaxation. Shortly after, a YouTube channel was started to support that website. The very first video on the channel which featured John Butler went viral, catapulting John Butler into ASMR stardom and starting the growth of the YouTube channel now known as Pure Unintentional ASMR, which has over 200K subscribers.

Since then several other YouTube channels have been added to the Unintentional Media umbrella, including Pure ASMR, Pure Audiobook ASMR, Pure Natural ASMR and several others. 

In 2021, The Unintentional Media Company was formed to house these different channels and to offer our services in videos editing, YouTube consultancy and YouTube management to other small business owners. We’re excited to meet you and help make your business a YouTube success story!

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